We are ready, 24/7. Emergency plumbing, emergency electrician, emergency drain jetting. Our team are on call, whenever you need them, no matter what the issue is. We are wide awake.


OUR 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency call services

It does not matter what your issues are, we have a team of technicians ready at the drop of a hat.

Just contact us and we will be there. Unlike other companies we don’t promise what we can’t deliver. We will be there when we say we will. And we will fix it.

A lot of websites that appear in Google are run by organisations that only serve the customer by their search engine rankings. Some are based out of this country and have no accountability.

We are not like that. We are based in the UK, In London, our technicians are based in London and they work with us. ‘With’, because they are part of the company and our service delivery. They are the people that do the job, take pride in the job, do it well and charge a fair and reasonable price.


A lot of our clients come from emergency plumbing services in London. We deliver the work, stem the emergency and offer advice to fix the problem long term. With commercial and individual relationships, we aim to be long-term partners, not just a one off emergency solution.